JNW Marketing Solutions, LLC was formulated by Jeff Wiedemann and Nora Sulejmani to promote our client's resort, The Villages Resort in Flint, Texas in the Timeshare Industry.  We have been in business since 2009 providing our client with leads, scheduling appointments for timeshare sales presentations (or tours), and Mini-Vacation offers (or FTF Packages).  Since inception, we have provided our client with over 100,000 leads and tens of thousands of bookings, producing Millions in sales for the client.


JNW Marketing Solutions, LLC is self sufficient in all aspects of the business.  We book our own events and locations, recruit and train staff for these events/locations and design and implement our Marketing Strategies for the event/location.


We have primarily worked the East, Texas and West Louisiana Market, but have now expanded our efforts to Dallas, Texas, all driving tour flow to the resort in East, Texas. 


The following are links to The Villages and their Waterpark.


Here is the link to the Villages Waterpark Page


Here is the link to The Villages